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All of you must know about the Labour Court. The work of many of you must have been done in the Labour Court. Because not all people do their own business. More than half of the population is employed in some company. Many types of problems are also faced while working in a company. Company owners exploiting their employees is not a new thing. Often, we come across cases in which a company owner exploits his employees.

Employees of a company do not get a salary. The company owner is not giving money to his employee. Or other types of problems can be given to the employee by the company owner. To stop all these types of issues and exploitation of the employees, the government has arranged Labour Court. Any employee can get help in problems like abuse, exploitation, and not getting money.

What is Labour Court?

•    Most people work as employees in some government or private company, firm or factory to maintain themselves and their families well, but the problem comes when their employers exploit them.
•    Exploitation means getting fired without any reason, working for more than the prescribed time and giving fewer wages, not paying salary on time, not paying attention to their interests, and other forms of exploitation of employees.
•    Now, what should the employee do in such a situation? Keeping all these problems in mind, the Labour Court was established in every state so that if the employees are exploited by their employer in any way, the aggrieved employee can get justice by coming here and pleading for justice against the injustice done to him.
•    To file a case in the Labour Court, you have to meet the lawyer of your city and tell your problem so that there is no problem of any kind in filing the case.

In which cases can the case be filed in Labour Court?

First of all, it is important to know in which of these cases you are and under that, the help of the labour court can be taken and a case can be filed against the concerned company in the labour court:

•    Firing an employee without reason
•    On not paying the employee his salary on time
•    On not giving fair value to the employees for their labour
•    Not considering or paying attention to the interests of the employees
•    On making employees work for more than a specified time overworking.

Along with this, there are many other types of exploitation. That is done with the employees. You can also complain about them in the labour court. Additionally, Article 23 of the Indian Constitution talks about the right against further exploitation.

What to do before filing a case in the labour court?

Before filing a case in the labour court, you should know about your company, firm, or factory where you work. Give a complaint letter to the higher officer or the owner there. Also, could you keep a copy of it with you? If that doesn't solve your problem, then move on.

What to do if the higher officials and company owner do not listen to your complaint or if there is no solution to their decision?

Often help is only provided after the employee complains about the higher authority and company owner. So, in such a situation, the employee should decide to go to the concerned police station and file a written complaint.

What to do if the police also refuse to take the complaint?

It also happens that when the victim employee goes to the police station to complain about the exploitation that occurred to him, the inspector in charge of the police station refuses to register the complaint. Then in such a case, the victim employee can file a complaint to S.P. in writing.

What to do if SP refuses to register your complaint?

Sometimes it also happens that S.P. refuses to complain, leaving the aggrieved employee with only the option of taking the help of the court to get justice. In such a situation, the aggrieved employee has only one way he should go ahead and approach the court. And get justice from the court for the exploitation against you. For this, the employee can file a case in the labour court with the help of an advocate for the related matter.

How to the complaint in Labour Court?

•    The aggrieved employee can complain to the Labour Court against the exploitation meted out to him. While making a complaint, you will have to attach all those documents related to the job and the complaint letter, proving that you work there.
•    Labour Court will file a complaint based on your complaint, a copy of the complaint will be given to you, and will send a notice to your company to answer the questions related to your complaint.
•    When the time comes, you and your company's higher authority will have to attend the Labour Court.
•    On appearing in the Labour Court, every complaint you have with the company will be redressed.
•    After hearing both parties, the Labour Court will give its final decision.
Process after complaining in labour court: After complaining in the Labour Court, you have to go through the following procedure:
•    While complaining in the labour court, you must bring all the documents related to your job together. So that you can prove in court that you used to work in the company.
•    A complaint copy will be provided to you by filing the complaint made by you in a court of the complaint. Along with this, a notice will also be sent to the company.
•    When the time comes, you and the concerned company can be called to court by the higher authorities.
•    Where you have to be present compulsorily.
•    On appearing in court, you and the concerned company will be heard. And the complaints made by you will be resolved.
•    After listening to both sides, the court will make its final decision, which the company must accept compulsorily.

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