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According to our Indian religion, marriage is a holy arrangement recognized by society. After performing a ceremony of "Saptapadi," which means "Saat Phere," around the sacred fire by the bride and groom, a marriage ceremony is solemnized. There are two forms of marriage in modern India, i.e., arranged marriage and love marriage.
In modern society, everyone can talk openly about divorce and judicial separation. In a general means of judicial separation means, if a person doesn't want to stay in married life and parties are disturbed from married life, they may request relief under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955.

Documents Required for Divorce with Mutual Consent:

Standard documents are required to file a divorce petition:

•    Marriage certificate
•    Address proof of husband and wife.
•    Four pictures from the wedding.
•    Income tax statement of the last three years.
•    Profession and income details (salary slip, appointment letter)
•    Ownership of assets and property details
•    Information about the family (husband and wife)
•    Proof of living separately for one year
•    Evidence regarding unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation.

Now let us understand the process involved while filing for a divorce. There are the followings steps for filling a divorce:

Step 1: Drafting and Filing Petition (Submission of Divorce Application)

The drafted application and the applicable court fee should be submitted to the family court. It would help if you had the advice and guidance of a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer for petition drafting.

Step 2: Issued Summons (Court Information)

A formal notice (summons) issued by a court is sent to the other party, usually by speed post. Sending a summons lets the other party know their spouse has started the divorce process.

Step 3: Response (For Court Information)

After receiving the summons, the party must appear in court on the date mentioned. If the party fails to attend, the court will give a chance of hearing. Even if that has failed, the court will issue an ex-party order.

Step 4: In the Trial Court

In this step, the court will hear both parties with proper evidence and witnesses. The concerned lawyers shall conduct the examination and cross-examinations of the parties, witnesses, and evidence before the court. This step is crucial while filing for a divorce.

Step 5: Lawyer's arguments

Here, the advocates assigned by the parties concerned would file documentary evidence and give arguments before the court based on statements of witnesses. The talk has much to do with winning argument experience and the lawyer's conduct.

Step 6: Final Order (Divorce Completion)

The court will pass the final order on successfully completing all the steps mentioned earlier. If any party is unhappy with the last order, they can challenge the same in the High Court.

Finding a divorce lawyer is an easy matter. But finding an expert and best divorce lawyer and winning the case based on that is outside the capacity of every lawyer. But for Vakilkaro, all this is not impossible at all. Advocate for divorce at Vakilkaro are well-versed with the current matrimonial laws, court rulings, and practical ways to deal with it. Our divorce lawyers help you deal with the complex issue of maintenance. Our expert divorce lawyers draw up a strategy based on their vast experience.

What is a contested divorce?

If one of the married couples is not happy with their life partner or their views do not match, then in such a situation, the other party can take unilateral divorce. For this, you have to present some evidence in court. One party often wants to take a divorce, but the other party is not ready to take a divorce.

What are the seven main reasons for divorce in India?

Although nowadays, husband and wife get ready to take a divorce on small things. But there are seven main reasons for divorce in India: Cruelty, adultery, abandonment, venereal, disease, retirement, religious change, leprosy, and no news of survival.

What is mutual consent?

It means that both parties (husband and wife) are ready and agree to separate.

How long does it take for a mutual divorce?

The time requirement varies between 6 months to 1 year from the filing date of the petition. It depends on the case nature and in which court also.

When can one remarry after divorce?

A person can remarry after three months from the judgment issued by the concerned court.

Is it mandatory for the parties to be present in court during the divorce process by mutual consent?

Yes, both partners must be in court during the hearing.

Under which acts can divorce be taken?

Different religions have their system for getting divorced. Divorce can be obtained under some significant Acts. This act is as follows: • Hindu Marriage Act 1955 • Muslim personal law • Indian Divorce Act • Special Marriage Act 1954 • Parsi Marriage Act 1936.

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