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FSSAI Registration

The food business has been the fastest-growing sector in India. The increase in the food industry has called for tightening the measures to ensure that the food products have been checked for quality to avoid any food adulteration and sale of sub-standard products.

In India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an organization that has been established by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for governing the food business in India. FSSAI Registration is required to be taken by every organization dealing in the food business (also known as FBOs i.e., Food Business Operators). The registration varies from basic registration to central license.


Benefits of FSSAI Registration:

1. Compliance with food law hence lesser chances of penalty.
2. Helps in ensuring food safety.
3. Helps in building confidence among the customers regarding food quality.
4. Helps in business expansion.
5. Helps in building goodwill.

Documents required FSSAI Registration

  • Passport Size Photograph of Directors/Partners/Proprietor.
  • Form A/B
  • Directors/Partners/Proprietor’s list along with address, contact details, and photo id.
  • Equipment name and capacity installed.
  • List of food categories.
  • Report of water to be used in the process.
  • Source of raw materials for milk, meat, etc.
  • IEC issued by DGFT. (For importer and exporter)
  • Form IX.
  • Proof of registered office.
  • Supporting for Turnover.
  • Declaration Form.
  • Processing Unit’s Dimensions and area allocation for operations.


Process of FSSAI Registration in India

There are three types of FSSAI registration/License:
  • FSSAI Basic Registration: Small Organisation
  • FSSAI State License: Medium Organisation
  • FSSAI Central License: Large Organisation
The process of registration is as follows:
1. The first step is to file online Form A for FSSAI Basic registration or Form B for FSSAI Central or State License on the FoSCoS portal.
2. The above form is required to be submitted along with all the documents mentioned above.
3. The application can be accepted or rejected within a period of 7 working days. In case the application is to be rejected then the reason has to be intimated in writing.
4. When the application is accepted, the department issues a registration certificate that contains a 14-digit registration number and a photo of the applicant.
5. Applicant shall display the certificate of registration at the place of business.

Time Required

The time required from the submission of the documents is as follows:

  • 30 days in case of FSSAI Registration
  • 60 days in case of FSSAI Central or State License


Explore Online FSSAI Registration

1. What is the governing act and regulations guiding FSSAI registration/license?

The Act and Regulations governing the FSSAI registration/license is Food Safety and Standards, 2006 and Food Safety & Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011.

2. What is mentioned in the FSSAI declaration?

FSSAI declaration includes the following things:
• FBO will comply with the rules and regulations as required by FSSAI.
• The information submitted with the application of FSSAI registration/license is true to the knowledge of the FBO.
• FBO follows all the guidelines as mentioned in Schedule 4 of the Registration and Licensing Regulations.

3. What are the categories of FBO that require FSSAI registration/license?

• Petty retailer dealing in food items.
• Temporary stall holder.
• One who manufactures and sell any food items.
• Hotels, Restaurants.
• Bars.
• Importer and Exporter.
• Canteens.
• E-commerce food suppliers.
• Caterers, Dhabas.
• Wholesaler, Supplier, Distributor of food items.
• Confectionery, Bakery, etc.

4. What are the penalties for non-compliance with FSSAI norms?

The penalty varies from Rs. 25,000 to 10 Lakhs depending on the nature of non-compliance. Some non-compliance includes sub-standard food, misbranded food, unhygienic processing or manufacture.

5. What is the validity period for FSSAI registration/license?

FSSAI registration is valid for a period of 1 year to 5 years as chosen by the FBO.

6. When the FBO must apply for renewal of FSSAI registration/license?

The renewal must be applied 30 days before the expiry of the registration/license.

7. Who shall mandatorily apply for FSSAI Basic Registration?

The FBO having turnover in up to 12 lakhs must apply for FSSAI basic registration.

8. Who shall mandatorily apply for FSSAI State License?

The FBO having turnover in between 12 lakhs and 20 Crore must apply for State License.

9. Who shall mandatorily apply for FSSAI Central License?

The FBO having turnover exceeding 20 Crore must apply for Central License.

10. Whether the registration issued can be modified?

Yes, it can be changed and the fees payable is equal to one year’s license fees.