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Consult Best Immigration Lawyers / Advocates in India

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With globalization, individuals must migrate to other countries to create better economic, political, and social stability. People of every religion and culture live together in India, which is also a center of attraction for many immigrants from other countries. Immigration can be defined as the movement of individuals from one country to another for long-term settlement. One of the most common issues immigrants faces is obtaining citizenship in the country where they wish to travel and reside. This includes the challenge of availing the fundamental rights of the country to which the persons have migrated. Several laws and policies regarding immigrants have been enacted addressing these issues. In India, provisions of the Constitution of India govern immigration laws.

Different countries have different immigration rules:

The immigration rules of each country are different. Hence the above documents and questions asked at the time of Immigration may differ from country to country.
Rules and Regulations Regarding Immigrants:

•    Passport Act 1920: This Act is also known as the Entry into India Act, where a foreigner is required to obtain a visa from India to stay in India. The Act allows for submitting certain documents during travel and permission to enter the country.
•    Foreigners Act 1946: Entry, as well as the residence of foreigners within the country's border, is regulated under this Act till their departure from the government.
•    Registration of Foreigners Act 1939 and Registration of Foreigners Rules 1992: Foreigners who visit the country for a short period, however, stay beyond the period specified in their visa are required to register with the Registration Officer.
•    Immigration (Carrier's Liability) Act 2000: This Act was enacted to counter the problem of many travelers arriving in India without valid documents required for travel.

The process of immigration requires an immigration lawyer, and to make the process go smoothly, consult the best immigration attorney.
Documents Required at Immigration Counter:

During departure:
1.    Passport
2.    Boarding Pass
3.    Departure Card (provided by the airline/immigration staff)
4.    Visa (not required when traveling to a country that offers a visa-on-arrival facility)

During arrival:
1.    Passport
2.    Boarding Pass
3.    Immigration Card/Arrival Card (airline/immigration staff provide this) (immigration card is not required in some countries)
4.    Visa (e-Visa/Pre-approved Visa/Visa-on-Arrival)
5.    Return Journey Flight Ticket
6.    Confirm Hotel Booking
7.    Itinerary (may or may not be asked)
8.    Invitation letter
9.    Travel Insurance
10.    Bank Statement/Cash

It is not in the power of every lawyer to apply for immigration and complete the process in time. That's why keep in mind, definitely take the advice of India's top immigration solicitor.

Violation of visa rules can lead to jail:
Action can be taken against foreign nationals who violate Indian visa rules in three cases:

1.    When a foreigner comes to India, he is issued a visa for a limited period. But if some people reside in India for more than the prescribed period, they are eligible for action.
2.    The rules are mentioned under certain visa policies while applying for a visa in India. If a foreign national violates those rules while living in India, he becomes eligible for action.
3.    Foreigners Act 1946 is applicable in India. In which the amendment was done in 1962. Under this, the Government of India can get the citizens of any country coming to India to fill the bond as per the requirement. For this, that foreign citizen may also have to cite a local citizen. This happens only when the government wants to do so. Action can be taken against the citizen given the bond if he violates the visa policy or other Indian laws.
A foreign national guilty of violating visa rules in India can face imprisonment and a fine. The foreign national can be sentenced to imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years if found guilty. Along with this, a financial penalty can also be imposed on him. In some cases, the guilty can get both imprisonment and a monetary penalty.


•    For how long can a foreigner stay in India?
A foreigner can stay in India for a maximum period of 180 days.

•    What is immigration check-in in India?
ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport is required for Indians who want to travel to certain countries for employment.

•    How do immigrants become citizens of India?
Foreigners can become naturalized Indian citizens after living in the country for at least 12 years and renouncing any previous nationality.

•    Is dual citizenship allowed in India?
No dual citizenship is allowed in India. So people seeking citizenship in other countries should give up their Indian passports as per law.

•    Is Immigrant Visa the Same as Green Card?
Immigrant visas can start the process for permanent resident status, but they do not grant resident status themselves. A green card is a physical card that represents the holder's right to live and work permanently within the United States.

•    How to get an immigration visa?
There are various conditions attached to the immigration visa. This visa can be applied only when a country is ready to give you, its citizenship. An immigration visa can be used only after getting government approval.

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