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Insurance is a means of dealing with any future loss or damage.  Insurance is an effective weapon to deal with the possibility of any loss in the future. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we are trying to cover possible future losses through insurance policies. Insurance is a contract between the insurance company and the person to be insured, which protects against loss due to any risk in the future. Possible future losses can be compensated through insurance.

When we buy insurance, we have to pay the installment of a certain amount at a particular time or many times in a plan. As described in the written contract with the insurance company, we must pay the entire money simultaneously. Similarly, suppose the insurance company has insured a car, house, or smartphone in case of breakage, loss, or damage to that thing. In that case, the insurance company compensates its owner according to the pre-determined condition.

Types of insurance:
Generally, there are two types of Insurance:

•    Life Insurance
•    General Insurance.

Life Insurance: In life insurance, the life of a person is insured. Life insurance means that on the death of the person who buys the insurance policy, his dependent gets compensation from the insurance company. If the head of the family dies untimely, it becomes difficult to run the household expenses. To save the wife/child/parents etc., of the head of the family from the financial crisis, it is necessary to take a life insurance policy. In financial planning, first, it is suggested that a person buy a life insurance policy.

General insurance: It includes vehicle, house, animal, crop, health insurance, etc.
General Insurance cover number of insurance:

Home Insurance: If you get your home insured by a public insurance company, then your home is protected by it. After buying the insurance policy, if there is any damage to your house, then the insurance company pays for it. Coverage against any damage to your home is included in this insurance policy. Damage caused to the house due to natural calamities includes damage caused due to fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, etc. Artificial calamity has damage caused to the house due to theft, fire, fight-riot, etc.

Motor Insurance: Insurance of any vehicle running on the road in India is essential according to the law. If you drive your vehicle on the road without insurance, then you can be fined by the traffic police. According to the motor or vehicle insurance policy, the insurance company pays compensation for any damage caused to the vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen or has met with an accident, then a vehicle insurance policy can help you immensely. You get the most benefit of a vehicle insurance policy when your vehicle has caused injury or death to a person. It is covered under Third Party Insurance. It must be insured if you also have a two-wheeler/three-wheeler or a car.

Health Insurance: Nowadays, the cost of treatment is increasing very fast. On taking health insurance, the insurance company covers the cost of treatment in case of illness. Under the health insurance policy, the insurance company pays the amount spent on treatment in case of any disease. The limit of expenses for any illness depends on your health insurance policy.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance protects against loss during a trip. If a person goes abroad for work or a trip and gets hurt or the goods are lost, then the insurance company compensates him. Travel insurance policy is valid only from the start of your journey till the end of the journey.

Crop Insurance: According to the current rules, it is necessary for every farmer who takes an agricultural loan to buy crop insurance. Under the crop insurance policy, the insurance company compensates the farmer for any damage to the crop. Under the crop insurance policy, compensation is given by the insurance company if the crop is damaged due to fire, flood, or due to disease.

Business Liability Insurance: Liability Insurance is meant to compensate for the loss caused to the customer by the work of a company or a product. In such a situation, the fine imposed on the company and the entire cost of legal proceedings must be borne by the insurance company doing Liability Insurance.

Benefits of Insurance:
Insurance is very beneficial for everyone. It is taken to protect family, business, home, vehicle, etc. So let's know complete information about Insurance Advantages:

•    Insurance helps to protect the life of himself and his loved ones, business, vehicles, etc.
•    A life insurance policy provides protection
•    If you have an insurance policy, you can also take a loan from the bank through your insurance policy.
•    If we talk about general insurance, it provides us with financial security
•    If you ever get sick in the future, you can avoid costly medical bills
•    If you have taken accident insurance, the insurance company pays all your expenses whenever you have an accident in the future.
•    If you have good premium plan insurance, it also pays you for the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) rent.
•    If you take the right insurance policy, it also provides free check-ups so that your health is checked from time to time.
•    General insurance provides financial security in a way. In this, you can get anything insured because there is no assurance of anything today. Any accident can happen at any time. You can easily control any problem with it.

Process for Insurance Claim:

Suppose you have got your car insured. And for some reason, something happens to your car, the car has an accident, or your car is stolen. So in such a situation, only the option of an Insurance Claim comes front of you. You may have to work very hard to make a car insurance claim. But if you read the methods mentioned here carefully and take the help of the best insurance lawyer, it can be easy for you to make a car insurance claim.

Documents for Insurance Claim:

•    Copy of car's registration number.
•    Copy of the car insurance policy.
•    If the car loan is active, must collect Form 35 and the NOC from that bank.
•    Forms 28, 29, and 30, along with the RTO transfer paper with the owner's signature.
•    Take the verified copy of the FIR if the car has met with an accident.
•    If the car is stolen, and the claim is related to theft, should carry the No Trail Report from the police.

Insurance holders who have made an insurance claim for their car earlier should thoroughly read all the insurance policy documents sent by the insurance company. Because a person gets the insurance amount according to the company's terms and conditions. Before getting insurance from any company, you should thoroughly read its terms and conditions, under which circumstances it gives you the option to claim insurance.

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