Best Lawyers/Advocates For Closing A Limited Liability Partnership


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Best Lawyers/Advocates For Closing A Limited Liability Partnership


The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), which is not carrying on its business since its incorporation or which has terminated/stopped carrying on its business for one year or more, can apply to the Registrar for its closure and also for the removal of its name from the Register of the LLPs. If the LLP has turned dormant, it is better to close it than to fulfill all the compliances, and it is also better to close than pay a fine or penalty in case the LLP is inactive.

The following reasons for the closing of the Limited Liability Partnership:

  • The purpose is complete when the LLP is registered for a specific purpose.
  • The LLP has become insolvent.
  • When the LLP is not active for at least one year.
  • The court has ordered the closing of LLP.
  • The partners of the LLP are not interested in continuing the partnership.
  • If, after the death of another partner/partner, the one who is alive wants to close the LLP.

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