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Legal Notice for Recovery of Money

Why do we need legal notice for the recovery of money?

•    The legal notice provides a clear-cut image of the intention of the sender of the notice to initiate legal proceedings to resolve their issue. In a civil type of case, before going to court, send the legal notice related to that matter. The sending of notice allows the parties to resolve the dispute without the court's intervention.
•    It serves as a reminder to the receiver about the damage caused by their actions, whether done intentionally or unintentionally.
•    If the defaulter replies to your satisfaction, you can go for negotiation, and even peas can be settled by just talking peacefully. However, you can continue filing a court case if the defaulter does not respond to the legal notice sent or you are not satisfied with the response provided.

Where to file the case for recovery of money?

The court case for recovery of money can be filed in the jurisdictional court in which the defaulter/creditor resides. A defaulter or a creditor is a person who has yet to return the money taken from the loan.

Limitation Period for filling a case recovery of money:

There is a limited period for filing a case for recovery of money, which is three years from the date of inception of the matter. However, any delay in filing the court case can be condoned by the court if it deems fit.

Documents required for legal notice for recovery of money: The following documents are to be checked while drafting the legal notice for the recovery of money.

•    Affidavit of proof of loan/money lent by you.
•    If the recovery from the employer is the amount in the employment agreement, you have to pay your employer in return for your service.
•    You need proof of money.

Benefits of sending legal notice:

•    If you have to collect your due money from someone, it is beneficial to send Legal Notice after giving some time. 
•    In this way, precious time is also saved. 
•    Many problems are easily solved after giving legal notice. 
•    Everyone wants that any matter should be resolved outside the court. In such a situation, legal notice can be beneficial. 
•    Significant expenses and your time can be saved only through legal notice.

How to make legal notice?

While making a Legal Notice, the date has been given importance. When is it made? Write the date at the top of this notice, followed by the name and address of the person sending the legal notice.

•    Once a legal notice is sent to the court, it cannot be taken back, so while sending the legal notice, make it well so that no mistake can be made. Making this notice should be given to a good lawyer only, so there is no scope for the mistake, and the work can be done quickly.
•    If you send a Legal Notice to more than one person, write the serial number and name.
•    If the person is in a company office, then give the details of their office address.
•    Then instead of writing the subject, write the title of the notice. It will be understood that you have sent a legal notice.
•    Legal notice can also be sent by speed post, courier and full details should also be given.
•    After that, address his company and person and write your point clearly in a minimum number of words. Give details of the situation if the proper steps are not taken.
•    Whatever your conditions will be, also describe all those conditions in your notice.
•    Whatever the reason you are sending the legal notice, please give full details so they can understand the point.
•    Also, give details of the time you have provided to comply with your terms and conditions.
•    In case of non-fulfillment of the condition in any way in the Legal Notice, give details of the amount of loss. Explain the matter of going to court together
•    Put your signature on each page of the legal notice. Also, pass them along.
•    The person to whom the notice is being sent is called the Noticee. If notice is to be sent to more than one person, then the names of Noticee 1 and 2 can also be addressed.

How to respond to a legal notice?

•    Suppose someone has sent you a Legal Notice. So you have to answer it. While replying to the notice, all the information should be written correctly.
•    Write a reply with the name and office address of the person who has sent the legal notice.
•    On the date the notice is made, give the reply title by writing "Reply of Legal Notice Dated."
•    First, inform the opposing party's lawyer about the whole situation. You tell them that you were unaware of all the information and you have been cheated.
•    After that, tell the whole thing in response to the notice so they also understand the truth.
•    Answer accurately according to the mercury number in the Legal Notice.
•    The answer can also be written in its terms.
•    Remember to sign each page of the notice.
•    Reply to the Legal Notice when it is essential. Otherwise, the opposite party will come to know about your defense.

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