Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration In India is thus a unique identity which can be a logo, sign, symbol, letters, words, taglines that are created by an individual that makes the product or the services stand out from the rest.

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What Is Trademark Registration?

Every Person wants to Grow their Business to earn high Profits, Therefore He Chooses A Particular Name of Product so that he can sell their products easily with a Specific name. Slowly & Gradually that specific name fixes its identity in the Market like COCA-COLA, PEPSI, PEPSODENT, RIN, TIDE, Vakilkaro, etc., and goes into heights.
Trademark is a Logo, Design, Slogan, Word of any Trade or Business from which such Trade or Business earns Revenue or Profits.Now, the Main Problem is a businessman who did such hard work to popularize his business or Product name, gets some tension that if his name got copied by someone else then what will he do. His Business Revenue will go down and a tree(business) which was Roped by him earlier, will be cut down.Therefore, the Legal Remedy is to Protect such Valuable business or Product name to get Register your brand under Trademark Registration Act,1999.


Advantages of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration legally protects the brand and its related business revenue, and no one else can copy it, if it is so, we can take legal action.

Trademark Registration in India helps to differentiate the brand from other persons so that our business revenue goes up always.

When we registered our brand under Trademarks Act, that means the copiers are less in the market because they know the brand is registered.

When we register our brand under Trademarks Act, it shows we have rights on our own intellectual property.

Trademark Assigment protects our brand goodwill as the customers trust our brand name for a long-term basis.


Name or Logo to be Registered

The Logo should be provided in jpeg or .png format with an accurate pixel.

Power of Attorney

To Authorize our legal attorney to take suitable actions from filing to further process. It should be on stamp paper. Drafted format of POA will be provided by us to make your sign and seal

GST Certificate (optional)

GST is required in case of firms to collect more details about firms, it is an optional document and not mandatory

Aadhaar of Owner

If a trademark application is to be filled within an individual name, it helps to collect the relevant information

Copy of Board Resolution

This document is required in the case of the Company, to authorize any person amongst the Board of Directors, who further authorize the legal attorney.


The process regarding Trademark Registration

Free Search of Trademark Availability

  • The client has to provide his desirous trademark name to check its availability.MCA

Collection of Documents

  • After analysis of trademark search, documents have to be collected, which depends upon the nature of the entity

Drafting of Trademark Application

  • After collecting all the suitable documents, our team draft the Trademark Application with duly signed documents provided

Collection of Payments

  • Collection of Payment to submit the Trademark Application under Trademark authority.
Congratulation: Task Done, a Trademark Application Number has been generated, you can use “TM” and “R” when it will be registered in the future.